Envision's blog contains a series of posts about how to best run your conferences, business etiquette, tips for keeping your meetings productive, and more.

Art of the Quarterly Meeting

Let's be honest: quarterly meetings are often dreaded. Believe it or not, there is an art to conducting a quarterly meeting in a way that's successful, productive, and not the worst thing in the world. Read more to learn how to conduct your quarterly meetings moving forward.

Company Not Fun Enough? 3 Ways to End 2014 On a Good Note

If your office isn't fun and energetic during the holidays, something needs to change! While we come to work to be productive and work together, there should always be room for a little "play" too. If you're unsatisfied with your office's current vibe, make these three changes to have a little more fun during the holiday season!

Halloween's Over: Start Planning Your Holiday Party

You want to give your office a great holiday party, but don't know where to start. Well, you've found the right place to help you plan your event, keep company morale high, and host a great holiday party everyone will be talking about through next year.

Making the Most of What You Learned at a Conference

Attending a business conference is a great way for professionals to learn and network within a particular industry. Make sure the trip is worth your while by reading - and putting into practice - some of these key tips.

Public Speaking Tips from the Nashville Chamber

An interview with Ralph Schulz, President and CEO of the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, reveals key public speaking tips applicable for any business professional.

How to Use Social Media in Meetings

Social media has introduced another level of engagement for attendees of conferences, conventions, and other large meetings. Live-tweeting your next event could make your company "the talk of the town."

The Value of Meeting Face-to-Face

While technology has made communication more convenient, talking over the phone or using video chat is not always the best way to conduct a meeting. Read more to see why in-person meetings are not dead.

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