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5 Tips for More Productive Staff Meetings

Keeping It Topical

Whenever someone decides to host a meeting, there’s often a general topic surrounding the meeting, but let’s be fair; more often than not, those meetings will tend to stray away from their intended topic of discussion and this can cause losses of productivity. In this article, we’ll be discussing the best topics to discuss in your next meeting, no matter what the issue may be to ensure you’re making the most of your valuable time. Enjoy!

1.) Addressing Morale

Starting a meeting off with discussing how you employees are feeling in an honest, no holds barred format can really identify some potential problems before they even begin. 

Having open table discussions can shed light on what is right, what is wrong, and what falls in between. Having happy employees not only helps their mental sanity, it helps productivity and increased productivity leads to increased profits for your company. 

There are always the moments when someone finally snaps at workplace and decides to up and quit, leaving you and your fellow employees to scramble while picking up the pieces. Instead of placing everything under the rug, it’s vital to address on a weekly basis any and all issues employees are having which is affecting their performance without fear of negative repercussions.

 This process alone will have an amazing effect on everyone’s morale and will allow all employees to do what they do best, whatever their job may be.

2.)Analyzing Performance

Performance is a great indicator of how an employee is feeling at the job. Typically, when one is performing great, they’re happy and when they’re performing badly, they’re unhappy. When employees feel their performance is sub-par, it can cause a lot of anxiety if not handled properly.

 Now this could be a causation versus correlation argument, but regardless, it’s important to acknowledge both positive and negative performance and always identify where one can improve their negative performance. After all, everyone always has room for improvement, none of us are perfect. If you notice your employees are still struggling with anxiety, you can include stress and anxiety relieving activities in your company benefits, such as yoga, tai chi or neurofeedback.

3.) Discussing Interests Outside of Work and How They Can Help

The phrase “All work and no play makes Johnny a bad boy…” is uttered from Jack Nicholson’s mouth as he feverishly types away in the classic, Stanley Kubrick film, “The Shining”. This phrase rings true in our modern-day work world as well. If you never create a balanced inspiration from your personal life and work life and transcend the two to further each respectively, you’ll find they both begin to suffer. 

This is why during meetings it’s important to incorporate each and every one of your employee’s outside interests from board games to skiing into the meeting and see where they can pass along great attributes from said interests into the job they possess. An example would be an employee’s interest in volunteering for an animal rescue shelter on the weekends. 

This process of generating empathy for the animals they love could be replicated with picking up on social cues when attempting to persuade a potential customer to sign up for a program you have at the workplace. 

Transferring “soft skills” between work and fun can lead to fantastic results which many do not realize they can produce. So next meeting, be sure to ask what everyone’s interests are and see how they can best incorporate them into their position. It will most certainly make work feel less like “work”.

4.) Disallow Cell Phones

Unless they’re 100% required of their position, i.e.: salesperson, do not allow cell phones in the meeting room. This not only distracts the meeting participants who are using their cell phones, it also causes the meeting participants who are not using their cell phones to be distracted as well.

 Additionally, when all employees are actively engaged, there will be a much better energy throughout the meeting where passionate ideas are flowing, active conversation is being had, and an overall sense of purpose will be developed from the meeting. 

This will only allow further progression to occur and will subsequently be one of the easiest steps to take to ensure your meeting is the best it can be.

5.) 45 Minutes at the Most

Studies have proven when meetings are longer than 45 minutes, you may as well stop talking because that is how worthy your words are after the 45 minute mark. It’s important to arrive at the point of the meeting sooner rather than later. 

This method of “trimming the fat” off the meeting time will only enhance the productiveness of the meeting and allow your employees to not feel as though you’re just having meetings for meetings’ sake (which most of us hate). Keep it short, simple, and to the point and you'll be golden.

Meetings in 2017

So much has changed in the process of meetings since the “Mad Men” days of the 1950s and 60s but one thing remains: we still have to have meetings. This is why we created this short and sweet guide to best lead you to further productivity while providing a service every growing business requires: a place to meet!

Reserve your spot today to see how Envision can make a difference in how you meet with your staff. Whether you’re a growing startup, an enterprise-level company, or an agency searching for a cost-effective, temporary meeting space; Envision is the go-to choice for all of the above.

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