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Three ways to make people want to attend your event

What does your next birthday party have in common with your next professional event? You want people to show up! Be it a conference or networking event, with your organization’s funds on the line and your boss counting on you, the pressure will be on to fill the venue. 

Here are three golden rules to make sure that happens (you’re on your own for your birthday).

Pick a great spot for the event

Location, location, location! It makes a big difference in turnout. Find a conveniently-located facility that can handle all your needs… while still being fun (on-site bocce ball courts help). 

Take into account their catering choices and logistical capabilities, including available technology. We’ve got more ways to help you find the right venue here.

Partner with another organization

The folks at offer this advice: work with related businesses to find new opportunities. Ask a partnering group to provide a speaker for the event, or you could try involving a charitable organization. 

Teaming up boosts your event exposure by tapping into their network -- get the invite into their newsletter, ask for it to be shared to their social media followers, or get them to blog about it. After the event slam-dunks, ask the group to contribute a testimonial of their experience. 

Whether used as quotes or videos down the line, testimonials can be great tools to use for your next event, or the same event next year.

Target your ideal attendee… and their friends

For starters, have a professional create attractive invite artwork. Get the image and any RSVP details up on your website, and in your next newsletter. If you need to reach clients or prospects, ask your salespeople to email the invite directly. It gives them another chance for them to open dialogue and get in touch with customers.

Then you can start cross-promoting on social media. Get the word out on LinkedIn. You can also post a link from your profile, from your organization’s profile -- and be sure to ask employees to post it too. 

Facebook events are another way to get the word out, and has the added benefit of showing up in the feeds of attendees’ friends and contacts.

Is your event’s ideal participant younger, or especially web-savvy? Get on Instagram and Twitter. Create an event hashtag that will carry you through the event, and have fun with it. 

You can use pictures as clues to what you have in store, and to build excitement and momentum. You could try asking a few questions for feedback.

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