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Things To Do In Nashville During Your Conference

Located in Brentwood, Envison Conference Center is just a short drive from one of America’s rising cities - Nashville. Like any major city, there are lots of things to do in Music City. If you want to get to know the heart of the city and experience the best it has to offer, here are the top 10 things to do in Nashville during your visit.

1 – The Grand Ole Opry

To kick off the list of things to do in Nashville, we have to start with the place that has a reputation as a leader in country music - The Grand Ole Opry. Way back in the 1920s, there was a weekly country music concert held in Nashville that was played over the radio airwaves. The program grew in popularity and eventually, by 1939, it was broadcast all over the country.

Listeners would tune in every week to hear the finest country music performances of the day. With its wide broadcast range, this popular radio program earned Nashville its reputation for being the country music capital of the world.

The Grand Ole Opry continues to air to this day. In fact, it’s the longest-running radio broadcast in American history.

You can take part in this rich tradition by going to a live show at the Grand Ole Opry. There are performances throughout the week featuring a variety of country music stars. You can expect concerts to include a broad mix of artists such as the Charlie Daniels Band, Restless Heart, Crystal Gayle, Lorrie Morgan, Charlie Pride, Ricky Skaggs, Diamond Rio, Carrie Underwood, and Blake Shelton.

If you’d like to get an in-depth look at the Grand Ole Opry, you can take a tour of the facility. Daytime tours are usually offered 7 days a week. Tours are also often available after 7:00PM performances, provided there is no late show scheduled. For the full immersive experience, take the VIP tour and watch the red curtain rise on a live show from backstage.

2 – The Escape Game

You’ve never experienced a game quite like this one. Visiting The Escape Game means participating in a unique adventure that takes puzzle-solving, entertainment, team-building, and mystery and rolls it all up into one amazing experience. And The Escape Game is the #1 escape room and #1’fun & games’ activity on TripAdvisor Nashville, so it is a must-do.

For those who aren’t in the know, when you visit an escape room, you and your companions have just 60 minutes to solve a series of puzzles and unlock the door. If you haven’t had the opportunity to try an escape room, your visit to Nashville will provide you with the perfect opportunity to put your powers of deduction to the test.

But don’t just go to any old escape room. As one of the country’s premier escape room companies, The Escape Game is the best place to test your wits. They have perfected the art of creating intriguing scenarios that will keep you engaged and entertained from the moment the timer starts.

At The Escape Game, you can choose from a wide range of escape rooms and scenarios such as Gold Rush, Prison Break, Mission: Mars, and The Heist. There’s even an escape room based on Nashville’s music scene.

The Escape Game has two Nashville locations, so you’re sure to find one that’s convenient for you. One location is slightly south of the city, closer to Brentwood, and one is downtown so that you can escape and “honky-tonk” in the same trip. The two locations offer different rooms so check their website to see which scenarios are available nearby. You can also make reservations on their website, which is strongly recommended.

3 – Ryman Auditorium

No trip to Nashville is complete without a visit to the Ryman Auditorium, otherwise known as The Mother Church of Country Music. Nashville means music, and music means Ryman.

First built in 1892, the Ryman has a long and storied history. Ryman Auditorium originally started out as the Union Gospel Tabernacle, but it was more famously used as the site of the Grand Ole Opry from 1943 to 1974.

For some time, the Ryman was neglected and sat empty. Thankfully, it has been restored and updated so that new generations can enjoy music in this extraordinary venue. Now, you can tour the historic venue or catch a live show there!

In recent years, the historic significance of the Ryman has been duly recognized, with it being designated a National Historic Landmark and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. You won't regret giving the Ryman a spot on your itinerary - it's definitely one of the coolest things to do in Nashville.

4 – The Johnny Cash Museum

Fans and non-fans alike will enjoy visiting this amazing museum that’s officially endorsed by the Cash family. The Johnny Cash Museum contains the largest collection of Johnny Cash artifacts and memorabilia in the world, making it one of the top attractions in Nashville.

Walk through the Johnny Cash Museum, and you’ll soon find yourself captivated by the story behind The Man in Black. Photographs, letters, videos, and other memorabilia lead you through the life of Johnny Cash.

You can learn how Cash struggled through humble beginnings in Arkansas, endured personal tragedy, and fought addiction to become one of the most influential artists of all time.

5 – The Nashville Zoo at Grassmere

If you’re looking for kid-friendly stuff to do in Nashville, then a trip to the zoo is in definitely in order. The Nashville Zoo is a wonderfully designed 200-acre animal oasis located a mere 6 miles south of downtown.

The Nashville Zoo at Grassmere owes its existence to the Croft sisters, who donated their extensive family farm and its surrounding land in the mid-1980s. Included in the donation was a large plantation house, called Grassmere, which is still maintained to this day.

The Nashville Zoo houses many high-quality exhibits that are sure to please the young and the young-at-heart.

One of the most popular attractions is easily found upon entering the zoo. You’ll be greeted by the raucous noise of the siamangs and white-cheeked gibbons that make their home on the nearby Gibbon Islands.

Another popular attraction within the zoo is the entertaining meerkat exhibit, which gives you an inside look at the meerkat way of life.

If your young-uns like to swing and play like the gibbons and meerkats do, then pay a visit to the Jungle Gym, a unique 66,000-square foot playground. There your kids will have a blast climbing a 35-foot tall tree house, slithering through a giant snake tunnel, propelling down slides, and more.

6 – The Parthenon

We may not be able to magically transport you to Greece, but it’s gonna feel like we did. Nashville boasts an exact, full-size replica of the ancient Greek temple. The Greeks’ version is currently in ruins, but ours is looking mighty fine and is definitely on our top ten list of things to do in Nashville.

The Parthenon in Nashville has actually been around for quite some time; it was constructed way back in 1897 for the Tennessee Centennial Exposition. The building fell into a state of disrepair for a while but we made sure to get it back in tip-top shape in 1929.

The Parthenon is now a local landmark and the centerpiece of Centennial Park. Located inside The Parthenon is an immense full-scale statue of Athena. The building also serves as an art museum, containing paintings from a variety of 19th and 20th century American artists.

7 – The Nashville Sounds

When you’re in Nashville, you’re in the heart of America. And what’s more American than baseball? Not much, if you ask me. That makes Nashville Sounds games a must-see attraction for those who are visiting during baseball season.

The Nashville Sounds have been playing minor league ball in Music City since 1978. They’ve won numerous division and league titles over the years, so they ain’t too shabby.

The Sounds even have a fabulous new facility to play their games in. First National Park is just a couple years old and, according to those who regularly attend games, there’s not a bad seat in the house.

The park is located downtown near the banks of the Cumberland River, so the surrounding scenery is pretty awesome too.

To find out the schedule for Sounds home games, all you need to do is visit their website. Tickets can also conveniently be purchased online.

8 – Cheekwood Botanical Garden

If you’re a lover of nature, art, or both, then head on over to Cheekwood, located on the west side of Nashville. Cheekwood is a stellar 55-acre botanical garden that also features an art museum. With more than 250,000 people visiting every year, Cheekwood is one of the top attractions in Nashville.

Cheekwood is a popular for good reason, too – it boasts stunning cultivated gardens, spectacular vistas, and a gorgeous Georgianf-style mansion that houses the art museum.

There are a variety of festivals held at Cheekwood throughout the year, so check their calendar to see what exciting events will be taking place during your visit.

9 – The Frist Center for the Visual Arts

There’s a lot of stuff to do in Nashville for those who take an interest in art. The Frist Center for the Visual Arts is an integral part of Nashville’s vibrant and expanding art scene.

Unlike other museums on our list of things to do in Nashville, The Frist is a non-collecting museum. That means that instead of having permanent collections, they create temporary exhibits and house traveling art exhibitions.

The content at The Frist is ever-changing, so no two visits are alike. To find out what is currently showing at the Frist, just pop on over to their informative website and take a look.  

10 – Schermerhorn Symphony Center

Nashville may be known as the country music capital of the world, but that’s not the only type of music we have to offer. We also have an outstanding world-class venue for classical music, pops, and jazz music - the Schermerhorn Symphony Center.

The Schermerhorn Symphony Center is home to the GRAMMY®Award-winning Nashville Symphony.

The Nashville Symphony performs roughly 140 concerts throughout the year. They even offer some performances that are free of admission. You can check their calendar online to see what performance are scheduled during your visit to Music City.

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