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Does your event need it's own website?

In our opinion, everything leading up to your event is just as important as what goes on during your event. The outcome of your group event is completely up to you. Your workshop, conference, summit, boot camp or event can reflect to those attending and even those invited but not attending who your organization is and what it is all about. Depending on the event date(s) your separate event website can help provide a single location for potential attendees to find updates after initial sign up or showing interest thereby helping provide anticipation for the big event. Contact envision conference center for a worry-free event, from small brainstorming sessions to large lectures, our concierge staff will help you along every step of the way to ensure your event is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

How can an event show what an organization is about?

  1. A successful event from start to finish can help build relationships and trust, potentially create partnerships with sponsors from their unforgettable attendee experience. If your desire is to attract corporate partners you may want to use a separate event website due to the content and logos on each page of a separate event website.

  2. Your event can also be the source of build your brand engagement and overall buzz for your group. There’s also the chance you don’t want to build engagement and you are running your event as an internal team only event.

  3. There is a chance your event can even position your organization as an industry leader. Your event may include popular speakers leaving your attendees writing about the showcasing their industries authorities. A proper event website can help provide the proper gravitas.

What reasons should my event have a separate website?

  1. Branding: What is a better way to show your attendees an unforgettable experience then beginning with a fully responsive website invitation available on all devices your potential attendees might be using? It’s critical to get your desired participants engaged and excited before the event takes place. What is also beneficial about creating a separate event website is that you can separate your efforts of promotion from your main website. If your event is small you may decide it’s best to simply create a landing page and host it on your own website. When giving your event it’s own real estate and website, there is no information clutter for your potential attendees to get lost when visiting your main website.

  2. It’s efficient: The goal is to present potential attendees with everything they will need to know about the event. The attendees of most conferences will appreciate having one source for event information on speakers, scheduling and agenda, and the like. It saves time and money by creating one comprehensive location for event details and information. Depending on the size of the event, without a separate event website, your organization can lose precious time and energy getting lost in communications.

  3. Management: A separate website for your event allows you to manage data collected to be later nurtured with marketing efforts. The extensive technology solutions available at EnvisionNashville will help provide invaluable tools to manage the success of your event. Using a separate website entirely for your conference or event allows your team to customize the analytics done on the impact of your business and make relevant data based decisions. It’s helpful and easier to track how impactful the communications and notifications used to entice and bring in attendees were when managing it from one website.  

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