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How to get constructive feedback after your event?

Your event in its entirety will speak numbers about your organization. Once your event is over you may find yourself wondering if all your well thought out plans were in fact effective and well thought out. In this article we’ve detailed the important steps we believe you should take in to consideration for successful event retroactive analysis.

The time leading up to your bootcamp, summit, conference or workshop event is only one phase of the event that lets your potential visitors build up anticipation and turn into confirmed guests. We’ve written a separate article on this how your event shows what your organization is about as well as the tricky question if your event need it's own standalone website? A successful event from start to finish can help build relationships and trust, while potentially creating partnerships with sponsors from their unforgettable attendee experience.

Have you done proper analysis on your event?

Depending on the audience who attended your event it may be difficult to get feedback digitally and you may have to resort to sending physical surveys in the mail. More likely, however, is your team will be able to send out questionnaire digitally using a service like SurveyMonkey. Depending on the size of your event using a service like SurveyMonkey really helps obtain quantitative feedback when keeping track of large amounts of attendees.

It’s very important to understand the faster the questionnaire is available for your attendees the more fresh the event will be in their brains to answer accordingly to. Ideally within the first 24 hours of the event taking place you should send a follow up survey asking important questions. You may need to send a follow up email within the next week if your survey does not get responses after your first attempt.To ensure future successful events it’s crucial your team does proper analysis on the event which took place. Without asking the right questions, you will never find the right answers. We believe to obtain valuable feedback you must obtain both qualitative and quantitative feedback.

Three examples of survey questions that consider feedback qualitatively and quantitatively are as follows:

  1. Which speaker did you find most informative?

  2. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being extremely likely, how likely are you to recommend this event to a colleague?

  3. What ways could we have made your experience better?

Asking the right questions is not the only essential step to constructive feedback, but what you do with your responses after asking the necessary questions speaks volumes. Many companies who host events send out their questionnaire but do not adjust future events based on their responses, they simply continue with what is easiest.  

Contact envision conference center for a worry-free, unforgettable, event. Our concierge staff will help you along every step of the way to ensure your event is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

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