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Top Seven Ice Breakers For Your Work Event

Building a strong team is tough when all work can become isolating and stressful. By using our top seven icebreakers you can not only help your attendees to feel more comfortable and help them get to know each other but also make a difference using them in your regular scheduled meetings. Ice breakers are an effective way to have fun before your event kicks off. If you plan and execute your icebreakers well enough, you can both properly engage your participants, and powerfully helping reach your meeting goals.

  • One Word Icebreakers - Based on the topic of your event you can adjust the question but the idea is simple to ask your participants to describe something in one word. One example is a team building event we hosted where the topic was on safe conflict resolution where the participants were asked to describe one word when they thought of conflict. Another favorite example of ours in application is one word to describe your boss.

  • Two Truths and A Lie - This icebreaker is especially effective in your work events involving new hires or new relationships. Two truths and a lie works by asking your attendees to each individually come up with two true statements and one lie about themselves. Once your attendees have come up with all three statements, they share them in no specific order to allow everyone else a try at guessing which one is a lie.
  • Share and Greet Icebreakers - The share and greet icebreaker can be a wonderful tool to establish the prerogative of your work event. Simply asking those attending your event to describe with each other, or with the group, a question that will in turn successfully engage them starting to get into your event goals. A simple example question of Share and Greet can be “What do you like about your job?”. There are countless opportunities with this icebreaker but another two favorites of our team to use is “When and how did you start working in the industry?” and “Give two things you like about your favorite boss ever.”.  
  • Favorites Icebreakers - By having your guests sharing their favorites it clearly establishes a low stress environment with a question everyone can answer. Common questions for the quick Favorites Icebreakers are “What are your three favorite things about working for this company?” as well as the friendly “What are your three favorite food dishes?”. By using the Favorites Icebreakers everyone feels allowed to hear each others favorites and it opens up the audience for more to come in your event.

  • Seven Things in Common - Getting to know each other in an event can be hard but one simple way to kickstart this is asking your attendees to split up into small groups or pairs and participate sharing Seven Things in Common. Collaboration is absolutely necessary for this icebreaker and collaboration is the most important reason Seven Things in Common has made its way onto our top icebreakers for your work event article. Having your pairs or groups find seven things in common and write them down to share is tougher than it sounds.
  • Speedy Icebreakers - Speed dating allows participants to get to know one another remarkably fast. Speedy Icebreakers using the same principal to immediately prepare them to discuss and engage. Give your participants a set time of one to three mins to answer and share five quick questions, for example, 1) Who are you? 2) What do you do? 3) Why are you attending this conference?.
  • Personal Best Icebreaker - Another icebreaker which allows everyone present to participate without feeling any lack of encouragement is to share your personal best. Allow your coworkers or event participants to shine sharing their favorite personal best career story. After you have broke your event participants into small groups allow some time to share as this icebreaker is sure to stir up conversation.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. We are available by phone at (615) 921-0033.

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