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How to Use Video Content to Boost your Conference Room Engagement

Good teamwork creates synergy. When a team is performing their best the combined effect of the team is greater than the sum of any individual efforts. All organizations of people are more likely to perform when they work effectively as a team.

Using video gives you an extra form of content to help effectively reach your meeting’s goals. One efficient method to get the core purpose of the event to your participants is by sending out video brochures. These brochures are complete with a liquid crystal display (LCD) and USB programmable speaker which automatically plays when opened. Video brochures increase your brand’s exposure and awareness by combining the powerful form of video with the tangibility of print.

No matter how large or small your meeting at Envision Nashville, you can always count on the same world-class amenities (a full selection of state-of-the-art A/V technology) and award-winning staff (on-site IT personal who can handle your setup or troubleshooting). Using video and audio during your event you can include participants with you at your event from across the world.

One way to increase engagement during a team meeting in Envision Nashville’s conference center is by rearranging the tables in a hollow rectangle style, or whatever style you need (circle, full rectangle, U-shape) to facilitate seamless conversation.

When you enter the event simply having your attendees agree on something (even unrelated) can help boost engagement. By starting your event with an icebreaker or a simple game of improv it engages them right off the bat. If you use your powers of persuasion you can make your participants feel excited and agreeable. 

Once your event is over, feel free to complete the day with a group stroll through our beautiful outdoor courtyard or maybe even a quick game of bocce on our professional bocce court. We often see the professionals attending events taking a group photo or group videos here. Uploading video or photos of your event afterward can help the participants forever remember meeting, learning and inspiring while at Envision Nashville.

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